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plastic artist

Atelier de Edson Souza

Edson Souza, married, father of two children, residing in the city of Criciúma - SC for over 23 years.

Since he was a child, the artist loved to color. He always wanted his art to be recognized.

Focused more on painting, considering that drawing is not his forte, for that reason the artist uses references to create his works.

​ A plastic artist since 2020, he began his career influenced by academics and hyperrealism, using oil on canvas as his main technique, where this technique is still applied today.

Because he believes in being self-taught, he usually creates his works with his own inspiration, soon looking for references, where he uses several images to create a harmonious scenario.

The Artist also believes that this realistic style may have been generated from his upbringing, which was very strict and severe. The only son of a man and, the chasuble, having four sisters who had art in their blood; one sewed, the other knitted, another crocheted, the other embroidered, and he came up with the art of painting.

Edson Souza loves the theme of "dead nature" for displaying a colorful backdrop, plus your passion  even is what he always admired; "the universe". That's why he created the collection "Cosmos", which portrays elements of the universe, such as nebulae, which are actually stars that at the end of their life explode forming a spectacle in the cosmos, from there a new star is born.

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I specialize in oil on canvas. Willing to learn new techniques.

Paleta de tinta

Technique & Style

The artist's specialty consists in the technique "Oil on canvas", for the freedom and time to work in the hyper-realistic style, which requires more precision in the details, that's why the use of oil paint, which has a much slower drying time, makes your work easier.

Flexible, mysterious and fair. Loves freedom and communication.

Perhaps this describes the artist's taste for hyper-realistic painting,where it portrays the real and the wealth of details.

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Technique: Oil On Canvas

Style: Hyperrealism

Essa foi a primeira encomenda e segunda tela pintada pelo artista, com tema em Natureza Morta, título Fartura em Tempos de Pandemia, técnica òleo sobrer tela, no estilo hiper-realismo
Essa foi a outra encomenda e terceira tela pintada pelo artista, com tema em Natureza Morta, título Mesa Vitaminada, técnica òleo sobrer tela, no estilo hiper-realismo

Plenty in a Pandemic Time

Theme: Still Life

Dimensions: 80 x 100

Year: 2020

Essa foi uma encomenda da apresentadora Fátima Guimarães para presentear uma amiga que reside em Canela - RS. Essa Tela está representando um cãozinho de rua, vira-lata, bravo que foi adestrado e hoje é obediente. Ele se chama Bob

Bob the stray dog

Theme: Animals

Dimensions: 40 x 50

Year: 2021

Essa ela foi uma encomenda especial que a apresentadora Fátima Guimarães fez para o artista, onde ela pediu essa tela para integrar seu cenário do programa Saiba Mais, que na época era transmitido ao vivo pela RTV - Criciúma - SC

Learn more about Arara Azul

theme: birds

Dimensions: 70 x 120

Year: 2020

Vitamin table

Theme: Still Life

Dimensions: 70x100

Year: 2020

Encomenda feita por uma amiga do artista; Tina, onde a obra teve referência em algumas fotos da pessoa. Obra com Tema: Retrato; Título: Tina, Técnica: òleo sobre tela. Estilo: Hiper-Realismo. Essa obra foi o primeiro retrato que o artista pintou.


theme: portrait

Dimensions: 40 x 50

Year: 2021

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Dedication, Humility and Gratitude

This is the basis of the artist's career

It was at the beginning of2020that it all started by painting his first canvas and then perfecting his talent through online courses. To date, several works of his authorship have been created.

Even though he is a little shy, he participated in tv shows and other events as well. The invitation to participate in the first TV program came when he decided to donate a 20 x 30 canvas to a charity bingo programKnow morepresented byFatima Guimaraeslive in the city ofCriciúma – SC, where the artist resides(watch video below).

Other invitations soon came, making him better known as a visual artist in the region.

In December 2022, when visitingGMunicipal Hall of Art Caio Borgesin the city of Içara - SC, where an exhibition by the artist Everton Court was taking place, Edson Souza was invited by the curator of Galeria Caio Borges; Luciana Geremias to participate in aliterary soirée, where in the same month he participated in the event and presented two of his works and was recognized as a plastic artist byALBSC-Brazilian Academy of Letters of Santa Catarina -Sectional Içara,having as president and founderHenrique Ferresi.

At the same time, he was invited to exhibit his works in the months ofSeptember and October 2023 at the Caio Borges municipal gallery located in the Municipal Palace of Içara – SC, the artist's neighbor city.

Even at the beginning of his career, climbing step by step, Edson Souza always uses a word that perhaps sums up this success: GRATEFUL!

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Edson Souza - Artista Plástico - Pintura em tela no estilo hiper-realismo.

First Participation in the Program
"Learn More with Fátima Guimarães"

In this video, October 2020, the presenterFatima Guimaraes  in your program"Know more" displays a 20 x 30 canvas, where Edson Souza donated to a charity bingo for the charity "Love's Cornerr".


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Fartura Em Tempos de Pandemia
This was the first order at the beginning of his career in 2020 " "Fartura em Tempos de Pandemia". Someone from the family who lives abroad, seeing the artist's talent, ordered this work in size 80 x 1.00 to present his mother-in-law in Brazil birthday boy Even without technique in oil painting, just by reference to other artists, Edson Souza executed this work with the theme still life where he is proud of his work.
Fartura Em Tempos de Pandemia.
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